How Internet Changed the Business World

Almost three decades ago, a business opens a store, place ads in local newspaper, become a member of a local organisation and anticipates local customers buy what they have to offer. But everything changes when the Internet arrived. A local business does not only rely to their local customers but also to their global audience.  Furthermore, Internet improves the communication of employees and provides methods for businesses to efficiently cope up with the tough competition.

The Internet has changed various areas in the business world allowing one enterprise to reach their objectives in less time and get the attention of their target customers.


With the introduction of Internet marketing, a business should provide the needs of customers. Entrepreneurs must bear in mind the competition is not only localised but also there are numerous competitors all over the world. It is vital the business determines the necessities of customers and deliver them. Questionnaires, feedback forms and questionnaires are used to monitor what the customers are saying.


Internet allows employees to work from home. Today, companies offer their people the chance to work at home with the office equipment from the enterprise. This is called telecommuting and it reduces the expenses of the company regarding office space and utilities.


Talking and doing business with entrepreneurs are made easy by Internet. Webinars or Internet seminars allows people from different corners of the globe collaborate and communicate for a project, without fuss.


The dramatic change of how employees, customers and supervisors communicate is all thanks to Internet. It reveals wonderful tools such as instant and email messaging for efficient connection.


Internet provides valuable information. One can research new ideas, products and even pricing information. An entrepreneur can also look upon the products being offered by the competitor. If aims to expand, a business can research about the particular area – population, the necessities of the customers and what are the best services and products to sell.


Internet enhances the ability of a business to draw customers from local place and halfway around the world. Search engine optimisation is used to increase the visibility of the business to reach countless customers worldwide.

Internet is, no doubt, a great gift of technology to many entrepreneurs that aim to expand not only in the local area, but also across the globe.