Business Trends That Would Conquer 2014

As the world says “Hello” to 2014, business has to shed off some strategies that are no longer effective for the current year. Entrepreneurs should be updated with the latest business trends and embrace the changes. These recent trends will bring your business to new heights.

Content Marketing

Today, small and medium-sized businesses should understand the importance of high quality content as marketing strategy. People love to read something interesting about your business. One must bring in an expert to create and produce valuable contents that will surely catch the attention of many.

Technology for Privacy

As Internet becomes a useful tool to acquire essential information, it has become a threat to people’s privacy. As security scandals increase every year, companies incorporate technologies to protect confidential information of an individual.

To protect their identity, people use fake names or aliases in social media sites. Businesses are also doing something about cyber attacks as they cost the UK’s economy with an average of £27bn every year.

The increase use of virtual private network or VPN will also be recognised in 2014. This allows computers to be on the private area of Internet.

A New Way to Advertise

Online advertisements had been an effective marketing strategy for businesses but it will change for 2014. This is because potential customers do not actively interact with the ads. Online marketers make use of technology to identify the behavior of online customers. This approach will definitely upgrade the old marketing ways to improve customer’s loyalty and satisfaction.

The trend for 2014 is for businesses to focus on their loyal customer base rather than drawing more potential customers.


UK’s government provides £9m for small and medium business to get into the overseas markets as the goal is to double the exportation for 2020 by £1 trillion. As these businesses start to realise the potential of selling worldwide, localisation became very important.

Web presence has become important as it enables a business to convert website traffic to sale. Furthermore, your website should come in multi-lingual and multi-currency versions for the benefit of other countries.

Social Media

Entrepreneurs found the potential in engaging in various social networking sites. Anything you had started in 2013 can be flourished for 2014. Social media is the best, fast and effective way to communicate to people, expanding your business and reaching global audience.

Embracing the new is one step closer to success. You should have the ability to identify the change and adapt it quickly. Be aware of the trends and determine if they are right for your enterprise.