Why You Should Consider A Business Coach

You might have the vision, creativity, talent and determination…you also have a business plan and capital to build your empire. However, before you take the next step, you have to integrate one important factor – hiring a business coach or mentor.

In a recent survey, it shows that about 88% entrepreneurs strongly believe a mentor is a valuable element in establishing a business. In fact, two out of three small business owners who have mentors before are still in touch with them.

Building your business is not just pursuing your dreams or passion. You need a mentor who will guide you in overcoming challenges and making wise decisions to make your business profitable.

Having someone who pushes you to be the best will definitely affect your performance in running your business. Seventy percent of business owners who have mentors will most likely survive for more than five years than those who don’t have.

As a business owner, your people look up to you which could be overwhelming. You need a person to teach you how to handle such situations. It is great to find an individual who understand what you are going through and has similar business principles as you are.

Consider these points before hiring a mentor:

ü  the role of your mentor in your business

ü  the most convenient time for session

ü  the place or channel of counseling

ü  the skills you have to develop

ü  the credentials of your mentor that are beneficial for your business

A 3-hour session with your mentor will make a difference on how you perceive your business. Make sure to incorporate the guidance of a councilor in order to survive the competitive environment and in making your business an important asset.