How To Improve Business Productivity With Zero Capital

Improving business productivity need not require steep investment in new systems and tools – in fact, it can cost absolutely nothing if you follow the Ten Ways To Improve Productivity With Zero Capital article published by Business Blogs Hub.

Included in the rolodex of tips are:

  • Distinguish how work should be done from how it is actually being done.
  • Question all your assumptions. If a system was put in place years, or even decades ago it may be time to re-evaluate things.
  • Validate business rules.
  • Ask what need each system or practice is filling.
  • Examine all roles.
  • Rearrange sequence.
  • Remove roles that appear to be redundant.
  • Lower the number of handoffs.
  • Evaluate all your technology and tools to see where improvements can be made.
  • Remove roadblocks.