How to Manage Time to Reduce Working Hours

A recent survey revealed that business owners work 52 hours per week – way more than the usual 37 working hours in UK.

Time management plays a key role in the duration of time you spend on your business. If time is not utilised properly, you tend to work for long hours which experts do not recommend. They say you have to work smarter not longer.

Make a to-do list

A to-do list serves as your guide for the tasks you aim to achieve for the day. If possible, include the number of minutes or hours you could realistically finish a task. Concentrate on the task at hand. Also consider your energy levels throughout the day. Complicated tasks should be done in the morning when you have sufficient energy while the enjoyable ones are placed in the afternoon since your energy level lowers at this time.

Block the distractions

As a business owner, you have to reply to important emails, take essential calls or attend to questions of employees regarding customer’s complaints.

These are distractions that could consume a lot of your time which could have been spent on developing the business. You need to have control over yourself in order to manage the distractions efficiently.

Use your time wisely

Keeping track of your activities for the day enables you to determine which activity you put most of your time. This allows you to make changes. Outsource other tasks if possible to give you more time to focus on important business matters. Before you head to your office, plan ahead what tasks need to be done for the day. Bear in mind that if you focus, you become productive

Cut bad habits

Discipline should be developed by all business owners. You should stop checking your social media profiles and email frequently. Set a schedule when you can be disturbed to minimise the interruptions.

There is no easy way out for a lot responsibilities you need handle as a business owner, but if you work smarter and use your time sensibly, then you can finish adequate tasks for a day.