SEO or Social Media – Which One is Effective Enough?

Website traffic determines if your business is going to be successful or not in the online community. So which is the best strategy to use to achieve it? SEO or social media?

The common answer is SEO as it helps your website to rank higher in search results. However, communicating with customers through social media has been the latest trend. If done properly, then it has the power to drive website traffic and win some potential customers. For businesses that use social media, it is not just enough you post updates or showcase your new products, but you have to interact with customers. You must use your voice to deal with their problems.

As thousands of websites compete to win the first place in Google, the search engine got smarter. Before, SEO was just building links and determining a long list of keywords for your site. Today, it is all about high quality and valuable contents and pleasing and user-friendly website design. Although SEO generates promising results, you have to utilise it properly – follow Google’s guidelines and become familiar with Google’s algorithm.

However, the high demand of mobile devices changed the trend. As more people spend more time in social media apps than in Google, the importance of social media presence becomes known. The data gathered by Google from social networking sites is a criterion to determine your rank in search results.

The secret is to find balance between social media and SEO. Bear in mind searches improve traffic to social media profiles and strong social media presence increases the search. The bottom point is businesses, large or small, should reach out to their customer wherever they are in the world, and it means enhancing your Facebook or Twitter profile to be on the first page of Google.