Zoho Books – New, Improved and More Sophisticated

Zoho introduced the newly-improved Zoho Books, an online accounting software. It has more than 100 fresh features with a more sophisticated interface that brings amazing experience to small business owners in handling their money.

According to Raju Vegesna, a Zoho evangelist, the new Zoho Books is user-friendly, efficient and simple all in one beautiful package.

The new Zoho Books aim to enhance the user experience and application’s performance. It will definitely make the lives of business owners easier as their accounting tasks will only take couple of hours to finish. It allows entrepreneurs to concentrate on business development. One of its objectives is to enhance the relationship between your customers and your business.

The important features of all-new Zoho books are:

ü  Android, Windows and IOS are the three mobile platforms launched for Zoho. Through these mobile apps, owners stay connected with the application wherever and whenever. You can send invoices, follow your expenses and log on the time of the start of a project from your mobile device. Zoho Card Scanner allows you to examine business cards for Contacts on your Zoho.


ü  The new Zoho Books application is an open platform and RESTful APIs are flexible to intermediary applications to easily incorporate with your accounting software. This enables app developers to build up applications that fit the necessities of small business.


ü  The redesigning enhances the workflow and intelligent analytics are integrated to answer essential questions about your enterprise. The banking feature is also improved and has the ability to determine unidentified transactions from your bank funds that go with on-hand transactions in Zoho. New invoice templates are also available. Billing is also improved via new calendar and timesheet.


ü  Clients also have the opportunity to view the application eliminating file transfer or approvals. They can view payment history, recent transactions and even make online payments.

Anyone can sign up for a 30-day trial to ensure the software satisfied their business needs. It is available for month subscription for £14 or annual subscription for £146.