Apps To Run Your SME On The Go

In today’s high tech business world, your smart phone can do far more than have a pow-wow with clients and staff. When you have the right mobile phone apps, you can achieve just about anything on the go. From checking emails, and content creation to snooping on the company travel expenses and social media – there’s an app that will let you do it from your phone. So, whether you’re on the train or at a restaurant, tap into these powerful mobile apps to check in on your business:

Creating Documents & Collaboration With Staff/Clients – Look no further than the powerful suite of tools provided by Google. For starters, Google Docs has several office tools including a word processor, slides and a spreadsheet to use. You can even get your office to collaborate your work without being tethered to your desk – simply upload your work on Google Drive.

Harvesting Ideas & Research On The Move – Two useful apps for this purpose are Dropbox and Evernote. They allow you to capture just about anything while you’re out and about, and dump them into a cloud space which can then be accessed from anywhere.

Social Media – Social media is becoming an increasingly important part of web marketing. While Facebook, Twitter and the other big hitters have their own mobile apps, a tool such as Hootsuite allows you to manage them all within one place. Hootsuite lets you use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, WordPress and more – this saves time in popping into each one individually, and avoids stuffing your phone with multiple apps.

Customer Relations – The useful ZenDesk app allows you to access a ton of popular tools from one place.

Make Your Own Custom AppsBizApps is a nice little innovative tool for small business owners who want to create their own apps. The best part is that you don’t need to know a lick of code.

Sign Important Documents On The Go – Imagine being able to edit and even sign your documents digitally. Echosign is an Adobe app which can be used for free for up to 5 users – it’s even compatible with Dropbox and offers a variety of potential uses.

Exchange Information By Bumping Your Devices – If you need to exchange information – documents, photos etc while on the move, the growing Bump app is one for you. You can share digital information simply by bumping two smart devices together. Furiously fast, it can save time in having to manually send documents to clients and staff.

Make Business Travel A Breeze – Everything from flight information and car rentals to the local weather is neatly and conveniently available within the TripIt app. Ideal for frequent business travelers, the app allows you to plan your journey with impeccable precision. Also a neat tool for business travelers  is the Expensify app. This thing does more than keep a tally of your business expenses – it lets you scan and upload receipts and publish expense reports with one click ease.

You Just Got Paid – Want to receive payments while you’re away from the office? The SquareUp app lets you do just that – all you need is a smartphone or tablet. There are no monthly fees to stump up, only a per transaction fee. Ideal for doing business on the go.