How to Become #1 in Google’s Search Result

Google is the largest and widely-used search engine in the world which is why online businesses follow its algorithm to rank high in search results. This is a challenging and complicated task but it is essential for Internet marketing. Google develops tools which are updated frequently to identify the right order of websites in the result.

According to a study of Gravitate Online, about 94 percent of users click only the results included first page while the remaining 6 percent click the sites in the second page. Every result page of Google consists of 10 results so if you got it to the top 10, then congratulations! For those who failed to make it, this is how you do it:

First, you have to understand the Google Rankings. Only Google engineers know every detail of Google’s algorithm and to make it harder for web developers, they change the algorithm almost every day. Your SEO method might work for today but there is no assurance it will for the next two days. So before you make any changes, look at what Google is trying to do. They aim to provide the searcher with the best and related websites or pages with the keyword he/she typed in. They must be in high quality and offers valuable content. If you want to reach the first page, then convince Google your site is relevant and high graded.

Second, determine your keywords. Identify the keywords commonly used to search for your site. Google Adwords will do the job for you. Then form phrases or two-word keywords that correspond with the search queries.

Third, place valuable and related information in your meta and title tags. The title tag is displayed at the initial line of the search result while meta tags must vary in every page. Name your pages individually so search engines can tell they are not just another generic page.

Fourth, submit to Google your site’s URL and sitemap. Sitemap is essential as it allows the Google to determine your site’s structure.

Lastly, get links. Your site is being ranked according to how many sites link to it. Search for related sites in order to provide reciprocal links. Use blog sites and local listings for opportunities.

Bear in mind being #1 does not happen in one night only. It requires consistency, patience and using the available resources.