Cyber Security: How Protected Is Your Business?

Cyber security is now a hot issue in UK as it was discovered that half of people in the country are not protecting themselves from cyber attacks. The rapid development of the technology allows hackers to steal confidential information from emails and databases in just a few clicks.

It urged the UK government to launch a £4-million campaign to help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) invest on cyber security.

The government advised SMEs to improve their security not only for selfish reasons but also to protect their customers and find more business opportunities. It is revealed that about 59 percent of customers prefer shopping online on reliable giant brands than on SMEs due to cyber security. An average of 82 percent says that they will shop online in SMEs once they have proven their system is well-secured. Seventy-seven percent of large companies tell SMEs they should acquire security system to seal the deal with as them as their supplier.

Like an effective marketing strategy, cyber security is an advantage for any business. If clients know you have a reliable and strong security system, then most likely they will consider developing partnership with your enterprise.

A recent study conducted on SMEs revealed that:

ü  58 percent use complex or unique passwords

ü  46 percent check their network system for breaches

ü  46 percent has control over storage devices

ü  66 percent download software updates

ü  48 percent has level of restrictions on their network

The government is determined to change this habit by educating SMEs regarding cyber security through Cyber Streetwise. This website is specifically designed for SMEs to offer valuable tips on how to efficiently enhance online security. It builds your credibility online, makes customer confident towards your brand and increases your sales.

The administration is serious in reducing cyber attacks as it affects the businesses financially. Cyber Streetwise has everything you need to know about the importance of securing your data and customers.