Find the Right Account for Your Small Business

An accountant is not just a mere decoration for your business. Aside from calculating and preparing taxes, balance sheets and cash flow, accountants are also reliable and professional consultant and advisor for SMEs (small and medium enterprises).

So before you open your books to other people, you have to ensure you hired the right person. Bear in mind you are looking for an ally for the success of your enterprise.

Determine your scale

Small businesses only need 1 to 2 accountants as finances are still simple at this stage, but as the company grows so is your accounting team. As the company expands, the financial responsibilities also increases which calls for more help.

Choose a knowledgeable and experienced accountant

Hire an accountant who has at least a year of experience in a business firm. This is to ensure he can handle any financial situation that may arise. Always check the background of applicants for their previous employer.


Asking the right questions is key in finding the right person for the job. Questions such as:

ü  Do you have a licence as a public accountant?

ü  Can I talk to your previous employers?

ü  Do you have an active CPA certificate?

ü  How long have you been a public accountant?

Price is also an essential matter to discuss, but it depends on the services you plan to purchase.

Find the chemistry

An accountant and business owner work hand in hand to solve financial matters. The business owners should be confident and comfortable working with the accountant.

Strengthen the connections

Once a financial issue arises, you need a professional accountant upfront the problem – taking calls and emails and returning them punctually. Both the accountant and the business owner have to work hard to strengthen the relationship.

Meticulous choosing is essential to have the right partner for your business. You will share confidential books, figures and information to this person, so you have to be careful with your decision. To make it easier for you, determine your financial needs and what you aim to get from the deal.