Customer Surveys: Get Honest Answers from Your Clients

Customer feedback is essential especially for new businesses in order to identify the needs of customers. It allows enterprises to better understand their customers and determine the things important for them. Without feedbacks, an enterprise will not achieve their goal which is to satisfy their customers.

So how to get honest answers from your customers to the survey you aim to conduct? Follow these tips:

  1. 1.    Give Enough Time

When you give your customers the questionnaire, allow a reasonable timeframe to get the best answers from them.  You don’t have to rush as you put pressure to them resulting to insincere answers.


  1. 2.    Make the Suggestion a Reality

To get honest answers, you have to ensure customers you will take action corresponding to their customers. You can convince them by giving clues in your website that you are using their suggestions in order to grow.


  1. 3.    Ask What You Need

Make the questions brief and ask only the information you require, make them as multiple choice. Avoid personal questions.


  1. 4.    Send it Personally

Send your customers a personal email that contains a link to your survey. Make sure to tell why it is essential they should answer the survey and how important the feedbacks are to the growth of your business. If you fail to do this, the person will likely ask somebody to answer the survey.


  1. 5.    Consider

This is an amazing customer survey tool that allows the user to explore your site while it is being recorded as a video. The video is sent to you providing valuable insights how customers interact with your website.

We always have to bear in mind that customers give you an external perspective of the impact of your company to the marketplace. Conducting surveys is one essential tool to connect with your customers efficiently.