Four Inspirational Young Entrepreneurs

Children love to play, have fun and go to school. However, some children are born with entrepreneurial talent and they learn to enhance it at an early age.

I will introduce to you four very young entrepreneurs and how they become successful.

  1. 1.    Ludwick Marishane

This South African genius was only 17 when he created Dry Bath, a gel that is a good swap for water and soap. It took him 6 years to develop the product and had already earned money through joining competitions. Just rubbing DryBath in your body makes you stay and feel clean. For Marishane, feedbacks, good or bad, should be accepted as an opportunity for the business to change and improve to be the best.


  1. 2.    Leanna Archer

Leanna was only eight when she begun to sell home-made hair products. Her company, Leanna’s Inc., now earns £300,000 every year. The recipe of her products is from her great grandmother. The idea came to her when people wanted to use the same products she used in her hair. Leanna, now 18, believes that if you found your passion, you have to keep pursuing it.


  1. 3.    Ilwad Elman

Ilwad is native of Somalia before her family migrated to Canada after her father was killed when she was only three years old.


By 19, she returned to her homeland and find there is still war between the government and al-Shabab. She and her mother built Sister Somalia. This is an organisation that provides medical services, education, counseling and trainings for women to start a business.


According to her, change is possible even many thought it is unattainable.



  1. 4.    Anshul Samar

We never know Chemistry could be fun until Anshul created Elementeo. This is a card game that brought life to all the elements in the periodic table. Samar started with 5,000 games as a start-up number for his business and it was sold out. The Elementeo app came next after the success of the game.


At a young age, he was optimistic about his life. He felt that even he failed, there are still things to consider to make him happy.

These children are living proof that anyone can be an entrepreneur regardless of age. You only need passion, talent, creativity and the will to succeed in order to achieve what you really want.