Five Influential Entrepreneurs Today

Entrepreneurs are considered living heroes as they provide service or product that changed our lives forever, they provide millions of jobs to countless unemployed people and they reinvent the marketplace to reach the demands of customers.

The list below contains the brands that had successfully won the hearts of many people and the individuals behind them.

  1. 1.    Amazon – Jess Bezos

Bezos created Amazon, which is considered the leader in ecommerce. He saw the potential of Internet to sell products and used it to build his business. Today, Amazon is the largest online store selling thousands of different items and hosting hundreds of small businesses worldwide.


  1. 2.    Starbucks – Howard Schultz

From a poor family, Schultz strived to accomplish his dream. Years after, he built Starbucks – a well-known café across the globe. Schultz also invested on other businesses like Ebay.


  1. 3.    Apple – Tim Cook

Although Steve Jobs built Apple, Tim Cook continued his legacy. He is shaping the future of Apple in his own ways and developing technologies for the convenience of customers.


  1. 4.    Google – Larry Page

Considered to be the widely-used search engine, Google has received both criticisms and praises from different people. However, Larry Page did not give up  his dream and strive to make Google the best search engine ever.


  1. 5.    Xerox – Anne Mulcahy

Being the CEO was never her intention but when the board elected her when the company faced financial crisis in 2001, she did her best. At her term, the company reduced workforce and removed the desktop part of Xerox. In 2008, she was named the CEO of the Year of Chief Executive Magazine. Forbes also included her as one of the most influential people of 2005 and 2009.

These people have the passion, talent and creativity to achieve their dreams. They never let criticisms sway them, instead they embrace them and work hard to be the best. Business is unpredictable but these entrepreneurs never let it get to them, their goal is only to come out victorious.