Pinterest – Best Ways to Use It As a Marketing Tool

Photo-sharing website, Pinterest, has become an essential tool for marketers and entrepreneurs alike. It aids small business to drive traffic and reach out to potential customers.

With over 10 million users worldwide, Pinterest should be included as one of your social media profiles. This website offers different items from home décor, women’s clothing, furniture and more, making it beneficial for all kinds of businesses.

Through this, you will not only improve website traffic, but you also enhance your ranking in popular search engines such as Google.

Marketers can share articles, presentations and videos valuable for customers.

How to incorporate Pinterest efficiently into your marketing strategy?

  1. 1.    Watermark in your pins

Watermark is not only for copyright purposes but it can also be used for marketing. Once a follower shares your photo, he/she also shares your logo. This is also a great way of branding.


  1. 2.    Provide information

Pinterest allows marketers to provide a short and simple description for every item. This information is for the convenience of customers who might be interested in what you offer.


  1. 3.    Join groups

You must spend a few hours updating your social media profiles – Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. You have to be simultaneously active in these accounts to build relationships and communicate with customers. Joining groups also expands your network establishing your name in this social media site.


  1. 4.    Add the “Pin-it” Widget

Having a “Pin-it” widget in your website allows a visitor to pin your site’s content to his/her personal account. A “Pin-it” tool is a magnificent tool for business owners to know which content is appealing for customers.

Like any other social media sites, you must use Pinterest properly to generate the expected marketing result for continuous progress of your enterprise.