Demis Hassabis’ Deep Mind Sold to Google to Improve Search Commands

Demis Hassabis is a famous name in the games and artificial intelligence industry. Hassabis built the Deep Mind Technologies – a company of computer engineers and neuroscientists that combine the power of medical research and technology to create machines that imitate how the brain works to enhance performance.

This company is sold to Google for £300m in accordance to Larry Page’s ambitious dream to improve search commands of Google by implanting a chip in the brain. Larry got interested by the study conducted by Hassabis in University College London way back in 2009. The study involved scanning the brain and analysing the neural activity to easily tell what others are thinking.

It is said that Facebook lost to Google in sealing the deal after the search engine created ethics to assure the technology is not abused.

Google also aim to develop technology that enables one to travel in space and also to manufacture automated cars.

Hassabis is very popular in London as a chess genius. He started to play chess at 4 and got his Mastery by 13. After a couple of years, he entered the game industry through a competition hosted by Space Invaders about designing a clone.

By 16, he worked for Bullfrog, a game company, and became the co-writer of the famous Theme Park which was released in 1994.

A few years after he graduated, he built Elixir Studios and co-design the Republic:The Revolution to create an almost living city.

Hassabis was not afraid to take chances as he loved to be challenged and he always pushed his limits to determine his strengths and weaknesses.

He became part of the people behind the Evil Genius which was widely accepted by players and critics. After a few years, he sold Elixir and pursued his dream – artificial intelligence.

In 2012, he established Deep Mind Technologies. Today, as his technology is being held by one of the largest companies, his passion can be a reality.