Jelly: The Next Marketing Tool?

Jelly is a Q & A app that makes use of images that enables users to ask questions to their followers or friends in their social media profiles. It is developed by the same team that launched Vine (a mobile app that enables one to share video clips) early last year.

Once you have installed the app in your mobile device, you should synchronise it with your Twitter or Facebook profile. Then take a photo, attach your questions and publish it for your friends, who are also using Jelly, to see. For the next days, the app will notify you once a friend answers your question. It is like a combination of Quora and Snapchat. You also have an option to ask outside your circle of friends which is good news for marketers in reaching potential customers.

Jelly for Marketers?

People love to share information while interacting with friends. This is a great opportunity for marketers to engage to prospects quickly. It could be a great place for enterprises to start a visual campaign, if integrated properly.

The campaign could start by asking for opinions of users regarding the new design, color or appearance of the product. If you incorporate their opinions in your brand, this will certainly establish you in the community.

Travel businesses will definitely benefit from this app as countless people have countless questions regarding travel or they are asking for suggestions for the next destination.

Jelly allows brands to promote and expand free of charge, so this is perfect for small and medium businesses which are in tight budget for their marketing campaign.

Since Jelly was just launched a couple of weeks ago, inconveniences are unavoidable. Developers are still monitoring the progress of the app and updates are possible soon.

Despite its age, Jelly is definitely a new marketing tool that marketers want for 2014.