How Helpful Are Videos in Marketing Your Business?

Video sites such as Youtube gain over 3 billion views every day. Through this, entrepreneurs found the potential of videos as part of their marketing strategy. In fact, about 93 percent of marketers utilise video marketing. So how influential videos are in the World Wide Web?

  • Fifty percent view videos through their mobile devices as it is convenient.
  • People spend over 88 percent of their time in website with videos.
  • A one-minute video expresses an essay that contains 1.8 million words which is equal to more than 3,000 blog posts.
  • Incorporating videos in your site will likely increase your chance by 53 percent to be placed in the first page of Google search results.
  • Experts believe that by 2016 about two-third of the world’s population will watch videos through their mobile devices.
  • A recent survey revealed that 85 percent of users watch business video and eventually 65 percent will likely view your website after watching the video.

If you aim to integrate video marketing for your campaign, you have to do it properly and timely. The goal is to connect with your customers through your visuals and to tell them you are real people offering real products and services.

Create videos for every area of your business. An introductory video is not enough to make a user stay in your site. You have to provide information through these videos to tell more about your company to your audience. Get customers or sales team involve in your video to share their personal experience with your company. Make your video interesting, short and simple to spread the word in the Web.

Make sure the content of your video speaks everything your business represents. So start the camera rolling today!