Money Saving Ideas For Small Businesses

We live within a harsh and austere business epoch – many small businesses tread too close to that fine line between “just about allright” and “sinking like a lead weight”. Being prudent with spending has never been more important. has published some creative tips to help small businesses save money. There are 12 tips in all, presented via a slide show. Just a handful include:

  • How to use GPS to save on fuel, if your business involves heavy driving.
  • Employing rebate programs to claim cash back on various business goods and services.
  • Switching from a physical office to a virtual one, thereby slashing overheads by as much as 90%.
  • Switching to smaller couriers for delivery, instead of using the big names who just wont budge on price for a small business.
  • Using cash back credit cards, to save on everything from travel to fuel.