Facebook Business Tools – Use Them to Your Business

Business owners already know the potential of social media in promoting a brand. In fact, enterprises spend 6 hours a day customising their page, conversing to customers and sharing blog posts and visuals. The fact that almost 90 percent of target audience has Facebook page makes this social media site the perfect marketing tool.

The increasing number of small businesses incorporating the power of Facebook drove its engineers to develop Facebook business tools. If you aim to utilise Facebook to its full potential, you have to be aware of these tools.

Facebook Pages Manager

This mobile application is designed for branded pages. Entrepreneurs who aim to keep track of all the activities of their page through their smart phones or tablets can use this tool. Facebook has just released it in 2013 and both available in Android and iOS. You can post updates, read notifications, add more admins and reply to comments. You can efficiently maintain your business page through your mobile device.

Boost Post Service

Facebook just offered this service in 2012 and allows marketers to promote posts from their page. Through this, you increase the chance of your posts to be seen by your friends or followers. Click any post you have just produced, and then hit off the Boost Post at the bottom. Choose the number of people you expect to reach, select your audience, the duration of how long it should be a boosted post and make changes regarding the payment method. When everything is set, click the Boost Post button.

You can only enjoy this service once your page has reached 50 likes. Chose interesting posts and remember, every follower you gain could be a potential customer.

Graph Search

Graph Search has the ability to collect data from your friends. Entrepreneurs can then use it as a search engine. If you aim to know the best hotels in UK, you can search for “Hotels in UK your friends mostly visit” and then, you have a result of hotels being visited often by your followers. This is definitely an amazing tool of Facebook that enables you to find your potential customers. Determining your audience is one vital goal you should achieve and Graph Search can help you.

No doubt about the influence of Facebook in social marketing. So take time to explore this social media site and determine how it can help your business.