Google Technology: Make Your Small Business Excel

Google is a widely-used search engine but as a company, it has vast expertise in domain registry, SEO, mobile, social media and even cars driving themselves. Through the technologies developed by this company, it is crucial to incorporate Google in ensuring the success of your business.

What are Google’s technologies that can help you reach prospects easily and make your business profitable?

Think Insights

As an owner of a small business, you have to be aware of the demands of customers and business trends. Insights such as half of your customers use their mobile devices when shopping online or customers tend to choose a website that has security features. Google Think Insights provides valuable information regarding the changes for small businesses to cope up.

Trusted Sites

Today, cyber security is not an option for small business. In order to gain customers’ trust, you have to ensure you have a consistent security system to lock down confidential data of clients. Google Trusted Sites provides this service. Once you register with the service, the tool scans your site, security system and architecture to determine if it’s reliable. If your site is, then they give you a logo of “Trusted by Google”. With Google printed on your site, you will certainly go a long way.

Google Trends

Google Trends provides you the search volume of a particular keyword. This is perfect for aspiring entrepreneurs who have a business idea. You only have to type in the related keywords and you will quickly know if the idea is good or bad at this time.

The proper implementation of Google’s technologies can help a lot of small businesses to survive in the tough competition. Understanding these tools allows you to use them to their full potential.