Must-Have in Your Content Marketing this 2014

As we say goodbye to 2013, your business reflects on what you had achieved for 2013 and what you can improve for a better 2014.

Although some say content marketing will shrink this year, it is still considered an effective strategy in enhancing the visibility of a brand. Change in tend is possible but no one can deny the power of content to attract customers.

It is still important to make plans for your content marketing this 2014.


  1. 1.    Improve your website

Traffic is vital for any brand’s website but it should be the right one. Updating is essential to ensure that your website is working. Adding appealing and important elements will definitely transform your site to a valuable place for your customers.

You can integrate CMS (Content Management System) to organise your site. Make your site user- and search engine-friendly.


  1. 2.    Start a blog

Blogging is crucial to enhance brand credibility and search engine rankings. Publishing a blog per week is a great opportunity to provide valuable information and to stay relevant to your niche. Make sure to optimise your articles, include keywords, provide sharing options and integrate feedback options for your readers.


  1. 3.    Use social media

Social media is now part of every marketing campaign of every business. This is an important channel to share your contents, reach prospects and build strong relationships. You must choose the right social media site where you can share your expertise and look for your target market. Assure that you update your profiles, customise them and regularly communicate to your customers.


  1. 4.    Analyse

You have to identify which part of your content marketing strategy is working and which is not. This is to improve your techniques month after month to enhance customer engagement. Monitoring your performance is essential.


  1. Build and harness relationships

If you have set up your blog and you have diverse social media profiles, then you have to create conversations to your customers. This is to build relationships and make them stronger. Sending e-newsletters, emails and special offers to customers will keep them interested about your brand.

Start planning for your content marketing this 2014 and draw the right audience to your site.