Must-Know Advertising Trends for 2014

Business is an unstable industry and so is advertising. There are trends that affect how you market your business to the audience. Is your business ready for the new advertising trends of 2014?

Video Advertising

The most popular and most visited video website is Youtube that has 6 billion hours of various videos and gain more than 1 billion users each month. From 2012 to 2013, mobile video advertising and sharing of videos in mobile and online display has increase dramatically making video advertising an essential advertising strategy. The key to the success of video advertising is sharing videos to different social media sites which is predicted to continue to 2014.

Mobile Advertising

Before 2013 ended, mobile devices played a major part in driving traffic to diverse websites. Sixty percent of enterprises aim to incorporate mobile advertising to expand their marketing campaign. Google also saw the potential of this strategy so they make it a priority in their Hummingbird update. Business owners must look for opportunities to optimise their sites for mobile advertising.

Nature Advertising

It is known for its different names such as sponsored content and organic advertising. Nature advertising is developed to fit diverse platforms.

The popularity of Facebook Exchange (FBX) in 2013 resulted to conducting tests in Suggested Posts and Sponsored Stories, which collect the data of activities and interests of Facebook users. This is nature advertising. Companies aim to spend about 24 percent of their budget in native ads. So 2014 is still a year for marketers and entrepreneurs in experimenting in social media advertising.

Every year, businesses should update themselves with the latest trends to cope up with the rapid developments in the business world. Remember changes are both good and bad for business so embrace only the options that you know suitable for your business.